Most people like to exercise and walk to stay fit. Walking is the easiest exercise that you can do at any time of the day. However, people who do not like to exercise much, they walk in the park to stay active and fit.

These days, the craze of walking among people of all ages is quite shadowed because it is easy and there is no need to make any kind of adjustment to do it. Walking keeps the heart healthy, strengthens bones and stays away from mental stress. If you also like to walk to lose weight, then we are giving you some tips which you can lose weight by adopting.

Walking burns your calories but it takes longer to reduce calories than other exercises. For this you will have to work a little more. Just walking 15 minutes is not enough. If you want to reduce your calories, then walk about 40 to 50 minutes daily. Your calorie burn depends on your weight and interest.

Start at least

If you want to lose your weight then in the beginning you have to be patient. In the initial week, walking 30 minutes is enough. After this, after the next 2 weeks, walk 10 minutes more. This is a challenge that you will give yourself over time so that you lose weight.

Walking in the morning is beneficial

There is no right time to exercise. Whenever you want to go out or do physical activity, you can go on a walk. However, according to the report published in the International Journal of Endocrinology, it is beneficial for you to exercise during the day. In the morning, you lose weight by taking empty pete walk because at that time your body is in the mode of burning calories. Walking in this time causes fat burning.

Spin your shoulders while walking

Rotating your shoulders while walking also helps in your workout. Rotating shoulders during this time reduces calories by 5 to 10 percent. So whenever you go on the walk, rotate the shoulders in a 90 degree angle.

Be careful about food

Just walking will not reduce weight. With this, you also have to control your eating habits. Whatever you are eating before and after your workout causes weight loss.

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