Peppermint is used in almost every household. We mix mint and eat it in sauce or pakoras. Anything made with this looks very good. Mint will fill you with freshness. It is also a natural medicine. Very few people know that food is also used as medicine. It is very effective for beautifying your hair and skin.

Peppermint has such natural properties, which greatly slows down your hair loss process. If your hair is falling too much. If you are weak or have become lifeless then use peppermint in your diet. Also, apply mint in your hair like a hair mask.

For this, you make a paste by grinding gram dal and curd together and grind it with 8 to 10 leaves of mint. Apply the prepared paste thoroughly on your hair and scalp for 30 minutes and wash it after some time.

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Use it twice a week

Use this paste in hair only twice a week in the initial time. After this, if you use it even once a week, then your hair will remain beautiful, dense and shiny.

Peppermint relieves swelling

If there is swelling on your face or any part of the body, then for the immediate relief from this, grind mint leaves mixed with a spoon of curd. Now apply this paste on the swelling. Leave it for half an hour. Then clean it. You will get a lot of comfort from this.

If you are hurt and then blood has also come out, then there is swelling then do not apply this paste at all. It is better that you get it treated by a doctor.

Peppermint erases skin spots

If you have spots or rashes on your skin, you can overcome these problems with the help of mint. Peppermint soon cools down skin irritation by giving it coolness. You can use it even if the pimples are very itchy or aching.

Make a pack like this to remove stains

To remove stains from the skin, grind 8-10 leaves of mint leaves with a few drops of rose water. Now mix this paste with one spoon gram flour and two pinches of turmeric. Now apply it on the entire face and neck.

After 20 minutes wash and clean the face and then apply moisturizer. After using it continuously for a few days, these spots and spots will start to lighten gradually and then after some time they will disappear completely.

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