In today's time, if people face any health related problem, then the reason behind it is mostly weight gain. Our lifestyle has become such that we are eating anything and anytime, which increases weight. Neither these things are healthy and also make you very lazy inside. In such a situation, people either resort to gym to lose weight or they see some exercises online.

Now it can be helpful to lose weight many times through the gym, but online exercise is very unlikely. Here many exercises and workouts are told to you, but who will tell whether they are helpful or not. So, today we will tell you about some such exercises, which you should not do at all, because they are not effective in reducing weight.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are good for increasing brain function, immunity system, and for peace and relaxation, but to lose weight you need to do weightlifting with cardio.

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Cardio dance classes

Cardio dance exercises like Zumba are highly beneficial for improving your mood, balance, stability and your cardiovascular, but when it comes to fat, it is not helpful. It is better to try strength training than joining cardio dance classes.

Barre classes

Barre classes promise to tone your body, but are good for improving your posture and mind-body connection. It does not help to increase your heart rate or muscle building. So try to include some weight training and cardio exercises to tone your body.

Ab exercise

Instead of just doing sit-ups, try doing full body exercises. This will reduce weight as well as tone the body.


Elliptical is a low-impact exercise to strengthen your heart, but it will not help you burn fat at all. For that you need to run and sprint.

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